Gmail gets big Gemini update: 3 new AI features, including 'CliffsNotes' for your inbox

Gmail gets big Gemini update: 3 new AI features, including 'CliffsNotes' for your inbox
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At Google I/O, the search-engine tech giant boasted that Gmail is poised to get new AI capabilities via Gemini. With Gemini underpinning Gmail, a new field will appear, allowing you to ask the AI chatbot to summarize certain emails in your inbox.

Summarization isn't the only thing rolling out to Gmail. Here are three features Google has announced for its popular inbox app.

1. Gmail can summarize your emails for you

As mentioned, Google is sprinkling some more Gemini magic into Gmail. Here's an example Google provided to illustrate Gmail's new capabilities: Imagine you have a child in elementary school. Perhaps you have a number of emails from said school, but you still need to catch up. Instead of wasting time and parsing through those emails, you can now use Gemini as a "CliffsNotes" tool, allowing you to summarize those emails.

Credit: Google

If you use a prompt like, "Catch me up on emails from Maywood Park Elementary School," Gemini will give you a rundown of everything you missed — and you don't need to open a single email.

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2. Get Google Meet highlights

Let's say you miss an hour-long Google Meet, and you don't have the time to sit through the entire recording that was sent to your email.

Google I/O 2024 screenshot
Credit: Google

Using the panel on the right, you can ask Gemini to tell you the main points of the meeting, allowing you to get up to speed with your team.

3. Ask Gemini questions about information in your emails

While showcasing Gemini's capabilities on mobile devices, Google boasted that the AI model can find information for you, even if it's buried deep inside your inbox.

Google I/O 2024 screenshot
Credit: Google

For example, in the Google I/O presentation, a demo showed a woman asking, "When are my shoes arriving?" and "What times do the doors open for the Knicks game?" You don't need to scramble to find the right emails that give you the answers to these questions. Instead, Gemini will sift through your emails and hand you the answers without much effort on your part.

Google says that the summarization features are rolling out this month, while the Q&A capabilities will be available in July.

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