The Real Idea of the Right to Asylum and the Abuse by Economic Refugees

 The Real Idea of the Right to Asylum and the Abuse by Economic Refugees
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The Real Idea of the Right to Asylum and the Abuse by Economic Refugees

The right to asylum is a fundamental human right enshrined in international law, meant to protect individuals fleeing persecution and violence. However, this noble principle is increasingly strained by the influx of economic refugees, those who migrate primarily for better economic opportunities rather than escaping dire threats. This trend has sparked debate over the integrity and sustainability of asylum systems in Europe.

Asylum Recognition Rates in 2023

In 2023, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom were prominent destinations for asylum seekers in Europe. The percentage of recognized asylum applications varied across these countries:
  • Germany: Out of the 334,000 asylum applications received, the recognition rate was approximately 30%. This means roughly 100,200 applicants were granted asylum or subsidiary protection​ (European Commission)​​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​.
  • France: With 142,000 asylum applications, the recognition rate stood at about 27%, resulting in around 38,340 positive outcomes​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​.
  • United Kingdom: The UK had a recognition rate of approximately 50% for its asylum applications, although the total number of applications was lower compared to Germany and France​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​.

Deportations of Non-Recognized Asylum Seekers (2015-2023)

The deportation of non-recognized asylum seekers is a crucial aspect of managing migration. Between 2015 and 2023, the numbers were significant:
  • Germany: Approximately 300,000 non-recognized asylum seekers were deported, with annual figures varying widely due to political and logistical challenges​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​​ (AIDA)​.
  • France: France deported about 200,000 non-recognized asylum seekers during the same period, focusing heavily on those deemed to pose security risks or having exhausted all legal avenues​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​.
  • United Kingdom: The UK deported around 100,000 non-recognized asylum seekers, often facing legal and ethical challenges in the process​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​.

Connection Between Mass Migration and Social Benefits

The link between mass migration to Europe, particularly from Africa and Islamic countries, and the social benefits provided by European nations is a critical factor. High social benefits in countries like Germany serve as a strong pull factor for migrants:
  • Germany's Bürgergeld (Citizen's Allowance): This comprehensive social benefit provides financial support, housing, healthcare, and other essential services to asylum seekers. The generosity of these benefits has been cited as a significant draw for migrants seeking better living conditions​ (European Union Agency for Asylum)​​ (AIDA)​.

Critical Perspective

While the right to asylum is a cornerstone of humanitarian protection, its potential abuse by economic migrants poses substantial challenges. The strain on resources, social systems, and public services in host countries raises questions about the sustainability of current asylum policies. Balancing the protection of genuine refugees with the need to manage economic migration is a complex but necessary task for European governments.


The asylum system in Europe is at a crossroads, needing reforms to ensure it serves its intended purpose without being overwhelmed by economic migration. Stricter verification processes, better support for genuine refugees, and more effective deportation of non-recognized asylum seekers are essential steps in this direction. As Europe navigates these challenges, the fundamental right to asylum must be preserved, but adapted to contemporary realities.
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